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We’ll Meet Again

By Anton Du Beke

Release date: 11th November 2021 — pre-order your copy now!

London, 1939.

As war is declared once more, a shadow falls over Britain. The staff at the luxurious Buckingham hotel must do all that they can to keep their important guests happy, but behind the scenes they are scared. Away from the glitz and the glamour of the ballroom they must face this new reality.

Newlywed Nancy knows that her brave husband, debonair dancer Raymond de Guise will want to fight for his country and enlist. She loves and supports him but is heartbroken at the thought of them being apart, and the dangers he will face.

With a new hotel manager at the helm, no one knows what the future holds but as fashionable society retreats from London and staff depart to sign up for service, one thing is for certain; life at the Buckingham will never be the same again.

‘We’ll Meet Again‘ opens with the declaration of war and we instantly know that life at the Buckingham is about the change. The staff still have to smile and keep the guests happy, but behind the scenes they are all fearful, and uncertain of their futures.

One of our main characters is a handsome chap named Raymond de Guise: a professional demonstration dancer at the hotel – and definitely not based on the author at all(!) He has just married his sweetheart, hotel chambermaid Nancy but he feels it is his duty to fight for his country and enlist. Of course, these newlyweds are heartbroken to be separated.

Despite the shadow of war hanging over them, the Buckingham dance floor is still a place of glitz and glamour, along with the gossip and secrets which thread their way through the hotel’s corridors and beyond into the streets of London Town. But with the call to arms, and before so many of the menfolk go off to the trenches, they have a spectacular Christmas ball with lots of dancing so vital at that time to help lift spirits!

The hotel receives a new manager who is of ‘advancing years’, and the staff as a result have no confidence in his ability to steer them through these difficult times – particularly as families start evacuating and high society start fleeing the city.

Will the Buckingham survive the war?… You’ll have to read ‘We’ll Meet Again’ to find out!


We’ll Meet Again

By Anton Du Beke


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We’ll Meet Again

By Anton Du Beke

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