A Christmas To Remember

By Anton Du Beke

This Christmas, you are cordially invited to the wedding of the year!

London, 1938.

When fiercely independent chambermaid Nancy Nettleton first moved to London and the Buckingham hotel, the last thing on her mind was finding love, let alone falling for the debonair demonstration dancer Raymond de Guise.

As the festive season approaches, life at the exclusive hotel is busier than ever, with guests arriving from around the world, seeking comfort, relaxation and refuge as tensions build across Europe and it looks like another war is imminent.

Behind the scenes, the staff work tirelessly, ensuring the smooth operation of the hotel, guarding the secrets of their guests – but they have many of their own that they fear will be revealed.

As the band strikes up in the Grand Ballroom to celebrate Nancy and Raymond’s wedding, one thing is certain – this will be a Christmas to remember.

A Christmas to Remember - now in paperback

A Christmas To Remember

By Anton Du Beke

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A Christmas To Remember

By Anton Du Beke

99p Kindle Edition

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