(In order of ticket purchase. Cut-off for submissions at 5pm.)

#1 - 19th March

  • Birthday mention for Beryl – 89:

    Can you say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Julie’s Mum – Beryl Elder who is 89 today and watching! Thanks

  • Victoria D:

    What is the History of the Quickstep? When did you learn to love dance?

  • Pamela:

    I know that the tour with Erin is going to go on, are there any plans for the weekend events to begin again too?

  • Julie (from the Big Blue, Blackpool):

    How many dance partners have you had (not including the strictly celebs)?

  • Gillian:

    Hi Anton, We all know you idolise Fred and adore film musicals generally. I know which numbers I’d love to see you recreate (and the ones I’d love to do with you!), But if you could chose a number from any film and any partner to recreate it with, which (and who!) would you choose and why?

    PS – next Friday, it will be a year to the day since our first class on twitter 😮 . Haven’t missed a single one! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done – love the bones of you x Gillian

  • Ellen (curly hair):

    Who do you think your children are more like? I miss you and erin so much. Would you ever sing with a member of the public? Hint hint me maybe?! Will the YouTube channel be making a return? And how do you stay motivated? Love ellen

  • Roy & Barbara:

    Hi Anton – Roy & Barbs here! We wanted to ask:- Across all the lock-downs, what has been the most difficult aspect for you personally? We’ve missed Hugs and being able to support and enjoy live entertainment xxx PS can you provide any more details re: your appearance at Ronnie Scott’s – as guess what, “someone” would love to come and see you there!

  • Pascale:

    What songs will you have on your next CD? (Anything Frank Sinatra recorded is best for me 😉).
    x Pascale

  • Lauren:

    Are you still planning on releasing a second album? I Love From The Top! XX

  • Tina:

    Any tips someone with two left feet?

  • Amber:

    My question is, when did you realise that people were recognising you from Strictly and how did it feel to suddenly be “famous.” PS. Do you think some Zoom sessions for Fit at 50 could start? I need someone to stop me eating all these biscuits. Hugs xxx

  • Valerie V:

    Are any of your siblings dancers or other family members. Maybe theatrical perhaps? If not how did you get into dancing? Good job you did as you bring so much fun and inspiration to us all.🌞💃❤xx

  • Linda:

    Are you writing another book?

  • Rebecca:

    When you were learning to dance which dance did you find most difficult to learn and why?

  • Reena:

    Do you know how you eventually want to end your book series? And do you want to keep writing once Nancy & Raymond’s story ends?

  • Wendy (Bryant):

    If you could invite four inspirational people to dinner dead or alive who would they be ?

    And… How do you prepare for a show do you have a particular order in how you get ready and what goes through your mind those last few minutes in the wings before you appear in front of your adoring audience ?

  • Lara:

    Do you wish you would have gotten more dance-talented partners on Strictly or did you enjoy every partnership you had? Was there a partnership you didn’t particularly like?

  • Natalie’s son Ewan

    Will you be back on strictly? Can I see you soon and I miss you love Ewan

  • Louise:

    Who was your most memorable partner on strictly?

  • Norma:

    If you were made a judge on strictly could you still dance with the pro’s ? I would miss seeing you dance as I think most of your fans would x

  • Christine:

    My mum and dad celebrated a special anniversary at Warners in Bembridge a while ago. Sadly, Erin had to return to London and Anton picked out my mum from the audience to dance a Viennese waltz with him. My mum was so excited and prepared Dad to take a video to show to her friends and as a keepsake. Lo and behold, just at the time she was called up, Dad was in the toilet and missed the who dance. Anton is appearing in Shrewsbury later this year where I have moved to and my mum and dad will be coming up from Pinner in Middlesex. My question is, “would you be able to give mum a dance so that my dad can capture it this time”? I guess then, Dad would be completely out of the dog house and it would make my mum’s day. Thank you x

  • Jenni:

    What’s the difference between the quickstep and the foxtrot?

  • Pauline:

    Anton. You are the perfect gentleman. Stylish, sophisticated and I have no doubt romantic. Sadly my husband Ian is rather lacking in all of these. What tips can you give him? Best wishes, Pauline

  • Diane:

    As well as writing books do you ever read books written by other authors? Many thanks from Diane.

  • Niamh:

    Will you come back to Dublin when all this madness is over? Pleeeeeeease!

  • Pam:

    How are you enjoying your new daytime TV role on channel 4?

  • Clare M:

    What is your favourite place in the world you’ve visited x

  • Anita:

    Hi Anton, How are you doing? I’ve wanted to have a little dance with you forever! Every birthday my children ask what I would like and the answer is always at dance with Anton’. The only real chance I had was when you were due to do your Tour with Erin. I asked your tour manager Jane if I could have a dance with you when I was supposed to see at the Sage in Newcastle, a 50th birthday present to myself. It looked promising but it was obviously cancelled so that was unsuccessful. I have a list of things I’d like to do and achieve and a dance with you is at the top. My dance teacher was Ken Parks who was originally involved with the original Come Dancing. I was on Saturday night Shake Up in 1981 with Christopher Biggins and on my list was to get a copy but I’ve been unsuccessful with that too. I even wrote to Ant and Dec ( Saturday Night Take away to see if they could arrange a dance with you.) obviously when the Country was back to ‘ normal’ but that was unsuccessful. I know this is a massive request but if I never ask, I won’t get. I wish there was a way I could attach some photographs of my dance history and my ‘list’ So, my question to is, one day is there a chance my dream can come true and maybe, just maybe I can have a little dance with you? Kindest regards, Anita

  • Elissa:

    Whats your favourite dance?

  • Maddi:

    What’s the best advice you could give to somebody pursuing a career in professional dance?

  • George:

    Two questions:
    1. What is a jitter bug and please can you show us a little bit
    2. if you could go dancing on the Moon (1/6 of earths gravity) what do you think will be the best dance to do?

  • Maisie:

    Hi Anton. It’s Maisie. If my best friend in heaven Lowri was still here she would ask if your mouth hurts as you are always smiling.  Did you enjoy being a judge on Strictly? You were brill. Miss you lots and see you next year for my hug

  • Kairen:

    Has anyone ever told you that you look like a mix between Woody from Toy Story and Rob Brydon (two of my favourite people!!)

  • Benita:

    You and Erin have danced together for a long time now. What do you think is the secret to your successful partnership?

  • Maureen:

    Do you still have the ‘See You Jimmy’ bonnet I gave you in Aberdeen. Mo

  • Amy:

    Hi Anton, I just wondered if you were looking forward to next year’s tour and whether you feel like the lockdown has affected you for the worse or better? It has affected everyone differently and I wondered how you were feeling with everything going back to normal again?

  • Agata:

    Hi Anton! I would like to find out if you’ve already started working on your next novel? When can we expect the new instalment of the Buckingham Hotel saga? I loved the three previous ones and can’t wait to read more! Lots of love, Agata Moroz xx

  • Lin (Dew):

    Hi Anton! If you could dance with someone, alive or historic, who would that person be and why them in particular? Lin x

  • Victoria K:

    When we’re allowed to, are you going to be doing the meet and greets again – would love to see you again I’ve seen you at the meet and greet in the Trafford centre manchester.