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  • Julie Sears’ Questions… Julie Sears, Big Blue

    1) As I can dance the ladies steps without too much thought on steps, alignment, footwork etc, am I better to concentrate on learning the men’s steps?

    2) With regards to alignment, amount of turn and rise and fall, am I better to learn it remember per step ie left foot forward, facing Diagonal wall etc or as left foot forward followed by right foot side & slightly forward then left foot close to right. Then learn alignment for the 3 steps, followed by turn etc.? (I have attached a screenshot of the details)

    3) Is it acceptable on exam day to dance the steps first then speak the steps /alignment /amount of turn etc to the examiner in answer to the questions he/she asks?

    I’m reading the UKA ballroom dance book page by page.

    Thanks so much!

  • Victoria

    Where will your first holiday be when lockdown is over?

  • Sharron

    If you could have chosen to be born in a different era, what would it be & why?
    PS – Very excited – just bought front row circle tickets to your Leeds Show in July! Cant wait!!
    Love Sharron xx

  • Gillan

    If you could go back in time to see any show at any time, what would you pick and why? (Mine would be Danny Kaye at the Palladium in 1955)

    Bonus Q (which I should have asked on Tue and put a bet on…) Who do you fancy for the masters? Poor Rory having a mare (again)

  • Benita

    If you hadn’t become a professional dancer, what career would you have chosen?

  • Sandra

    What got you interested in dancing in the first place and how did you get to go on Strictly as a Pro? Thank you x

  • Jenni

    What was the first dance which you performed with Erin when you started dancing together?

  • Lisa

    You have danced with the lovely Erin and with some wonderful ladies (although not always wonderful dancers!) but who would be your fantasy dance partner from the past or present?

  • Strictly-related… Lola

    Who would you like to dance with on Strictly this year?

  • Edward

    Are there any strictly partners you would say you didn’t get on with as well, you don’t have to name names and it can only be yes or no if you want?

  • Cynthia

    Hello Anton, You were a brilliant judge on Strictly last year! If you were given the option, would you rather be a judge or professional dancer on Strictly? Thanks Cynthia xx

  • Maisie

    Hi Anton it’s Maisie What did you like the most about being a judge on Strictly? Sending you a big hug. Can’t wait to see you soon xx

  • Agata

    Hi Anton! Here’s my question: how do you rate the Polish dancers Michał and Jowita who won last year’s series of The Greatest Dancer (and were mentored by Oti Mabuse)? I think their dancing skills are spectacular and they would make a fantastic addition to the Strictly pros – what do you reckon?
    Lots of love, Agata Moroz xx

  • Dance-related… Claire R

    If you could dance with any of your Steph’s Packed Lunch co-stars on Strictly 2021, which one would you choose and why?

  • Roy & Barbara

    Anton – we know that the Foxtrot is your favourite dance – but what is your least favourite dance and why?

  • Lynne (Luppy)

    Where is your favourite venue for ballroom dancing and where is the most spectacular place you have danced? Thank you, Luppy.

  • AJ & BB

    Will you and Giovanni have an orchestra and dancers backing you on the tour?! Be warned, we’re bringing along the Darling Daughter to Poole (She’s our Unicorn)!

  • Amber

    Will you be adding any more dates to your Him & Me tour (hint hint South Wales) and do you enjoy playing golf at the Celtic Manor? Hugs Amber xxx

  • Wendy Bryant

    What are the demands of being on tour especially now you are a dad to gorgeous twins ?

  • Lin Dew

    Hi Anton. Apart from your online classes, how much dancing have you been able to do during lockdown? Lin. x

  • Singing-related… Ellen

    What made you want to start learning to sing? And do you have anything you want to achieve like being able to sing a certain song? Lots of love Ellen with the fab hair

  • Lauren

    Did you consider making any music videos for any of the songs on your last album and is this something you would do this for your next album? Xx

  • Amy

    Hi Anton, my question is when do you think you might be working on your second album, if you aren’t already? I would love to hear a second album as your first album is absolutely amazing and I adore your voice.

  • More personal… Sylvie

    1) What are your hobbies (apart from dancing) and how did you get into them?
    2) How old were you when you had your first celebrity crush and who was it?
    3) What is your most prized possession and why?

  • Katie

    Hello Anton :o) Big squeezy hug. I was wondering, does anything ever make you feel grumpy or irritated (even just a teeny bit?) xxx

  • Michelle

    1) Who is the most famous person you have in your phone?
    2) If your solo tour goes well next year would you consider doing one every year? I really can’t wait for that one especially.

  • Louise

    What has been the highlight of your career so far?

...And Tuesday's winner — Charleston!