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  • Dance-related… Julie Sears, Big Blue

    Hi Anton,
    As the viennese waltz is part of my ballroom teachers exam please would you be kind enough to go through the fleckerl for me.
    Thank you so much for your help.
    Love Julie xx

  • Deborah

    In the viennese waltz when I am spinning around, what can I focus on to keep me from going dizzy and can you give me any top tips to help me focus on my steps please, thank you Anton
    Deborah xx

  • Maddy

    What are the rest of the foxtrot steps and how long have you been dancing for?

  • Lisa

    Is every person able to learn to dance? I think I would make the marvellous Anne Widdecombe look like a professional!

  • Wendy Bryant

    I am a firm believer you are never too late to learn a new skill… I am told anyone can learn to dance – what would be your advice on how to start? Of course I hope I can be good enough for you to take me in hold and waltz me around a stage or car park… the location is not that important 😀

    How much input do you have on strictly with content, dance choice and music? Or is it all down to the production team? In my humble opinion you are Mr Strictly… the programme would be poorer without you and several million viewers less!

  • Sandra

    If you could invent a new dance, what would it be and what would you call it? Would it be fast or slow?

  • Frankie

    What do you feel about Sequence Dance? There are many clubs in the UK but it’s never showcased on TV. The inventive competitions are quite something and yet when a clip is shown on the news it always portrays it like an old people’s home. Why don’t professionals ever mention it?
    Thanks, Frankie 😊

  • Lynn (Luppy)

    What routine would you have liked to have performed with Brucie, other than those you have? I think something out of ‘Singing in the rain’, would have been great, but you may have different ideas, having known him.

  • Amber

    What is your biggest achievement personal or professional …and… if Strictly did a battle for the ultimate crown of previous couples, who would you pick to dance with again to win?
    Hugs xxx

  • Clare

    Hi Anton. If you weren’t the King of Ballroom what other career would you like xx

  • Tour-related… Roy & Barbs

    Good Evening Anton,
    When you and Erin start to put together routines for your wonderful annual tours, what “sequence” do you adopt? For example, do you decide on a “Dance Style” (eg: Viennese Waltz), then look for a suitable song, and then work on choreographing the routine – or – do you take a completely different approach?
    RnB xx

  • Emily

    Looking forward to Opening Night of ‘Him and Me’ immensely! Would love to hear what the first night of a new tour feels like from your point of view?
    Thank you for the question – Emma.

  • Gillian (plus she has the final question too)

    When do rehearsals start for Him & Me and what does a typical rehearsal day look like?

  • Music/ambition-related… Sarah

    • Do you have another album planned?
    • Which songs would you like to record?
    • Is there anyone that you would love to do a singing duet with?
    • What is your favourite piece of music to dance to?

  • Benita

    Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions?

  • History-related… AJ & BB

    We all know you love the history of the 30s and 40s, but as a Huge Tudor and Anne Boleyn fan, I wondered are there any other periods of time you’re interested in?

  • Norma

    If you could have a seat on a bench talking to someone famous from the past who would it be
    x Norma

  • Geography-related… Lin Dew – and see Victoria’s question below

    Hi Anton.
    You have been to a lot of places during your career. Is there anywhere in the UK that you would like to go on holiday to explore further with your family?
    Lin. x

  • Victoria

    Where is your favourite place to go to in the UK?

  • Agata

    Hi Anton!
    I would like to ask you if – apart from the will to learn Spanish and your knowledge of Hungarian cuisine – your Spanish/Hungarian heritage shaped you in some significant way? Is it still an important part of your national identity alongside your British citizenship?
    All the best,

  • Childhood-related… Katie

    Hello :o) What are your clearest memories of growing up in and around Sevenoaks (just wondering what sticks in the mind?) For example, I have a vivid memory of having to do the food shop every Saturday with my parents – it was like a family outing! Oh, and trying to get into the Vine pub underage ;o)

  • Louise

    What was your favourite board game as a child and is it something you can play with your children when they grow up?

  • Michelle

    • Which one of the twins do you think is more like you?
    • Do you like being recognised in public?

  • More general and/or obscure!… Ann

    If you were to visit a zoo on your own which animal would you choose to see first and why?

  • Sophie, aged 10

    What is your favourite Ice Cream Flavour? Mine is Cookies and Cream. Mum’s is Caramel and Fudge Pieces.

  • Amy M

    Hi Anton, random question from me!
    My question is, how much money to do you spend on clothes? You always seem to be rocking a different look every time I see you!
    And I approve of all of them by the way!

  • Ellen

    Hi Anton,
    Due to Covid what’s your working week like at the moment and when do you think you’ll be back to normal?
    Sending lots of love to you love from Ellen with the fabulous hair

  • Sylvie

    What is the best news you have received this week (if any)?

  • Gillian

    I’ve given you a reprieve, and you’re off death row. Unfortunately, it’s the end of the world next Friday – at least you have time to prepare. What would you do, where would you go and with whom during your perfect last 24 hours on earth?
    (I’ll sort out this fatalistic streak, when you get help with the custard addiction – deal?😂).


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