(Grouped by theme. Cut-off for submissions at 5pm.)

  • Ambitions / Talents / Habits… Amy M

    Hi Anton, my question is, is there anything in your career you haven’t done yet which you would love to do? I would love to see you in a west end musical!

  • Cynthia

    Hello Anton, You have excelled in so many forms of entertainment, including of course your dancing, but do you still have any further ambitions? Thank you so much, Cynthia xx

  • Louise M

    What job would you have liked to do besides baker or dancer?

  • Amber

    Do you have any hidden talents or unusual tricks you can do? Lots of love Amber xxx

  • Rachael

    What is your worst habit ?

  • Strictly-related… Lynn

    What is your favourite routine from Blackpool ‘Strictly’, including yours and any of the other routines?

  • Sharron

    Which dance style have you found the hardest to teach on Strictly and why? x

  • Michelle

    Which routine on strictly would you love to do again if you could and why? What was your favourite pro routine in last years series? Mine was the Blackpool routine for sure 🙂🙂😍😍.

  • Claire

    Which of the non-standard dances that are performed on Strictly is your favourite (e.g. American Smooth, Charleston, Argentine Tango), and when did you first learn them?

  • TV-related… Agata

    Hi Anton! Here’s my question: if you were invited to participate in one of the following shows, which one would you choose: ”Dancing on Ice” or ”I’m a Celebrity”? Have you ever been asked to do either of them? Lots of love, Agata Moroz xx

  • Ellen

    If you could star in a tv drama what would it be and why? Sending love and hugs

  • Gillian

    Are there any performers you admire who aren’t primarily known as dancers and have surprised you with their dancing ability? Here’s one of mine – Steve Martin tapping up a storm with Gregory Hines 😊

  • Lauren

    Do you have any guilty pleasure bands/singers or tv programmes that would surprise us?! Xx

  • Tour-related… Sandra

    How do you decide on the theme for your shows and who decides on the choreography?

  • Maxine

    Hi Anton, During your tour with Erin you dance with your ensemble dancers as well. Do you enjoy dancing and working with the new talented dancers or do you prefer to dance with Erin? Also, does Erin ever have tell you off, and if she does why?……… Much Love Maxine xxx

  • Pauline

    Hi Anton, Where you do live when you are on tour? Do you overnight it in the town you are performing in or do you move on to the next one? Also, I can’t wear high heels! is it compulsory for ladies to wear these when dancing?

  • Food-related… Roy & Barbara

    Anton – when you choose to eat out, what is your favourite style of Restaurant (eg: Italian, Indian etc) and what are your all-time favourites of Starter, Main & Dessert? RnB xx

  • Stephanie

    If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

  • Eilish and similar from Rebecca, below…

    What is your Favourite Easter Egg?!

  • Rebecca

    What is your favourite Easter chocolate? This is important! Mine is Cadburys mini eggs!

  • Lin Dew

    Hi Anton. Did George and Henrietta enjoy their birthdays and did you bake them a cake? Lin. x

  • Dance-related… AJ & BB

    As a fanatical costumer (and because we have Pass of the Dobel to dance on Tuesday) I’d like to know which level you prefer your Paso jackets to be cut for comfort. At just below the heart (bolero-style) or on the waistline. PS – loving the lessons again and sending Huge Dragon Hugs.

  • Julie (Big Blue)

    What do you enjoy most about dancing Ballroom Anton? Love Julie xxx

  • Linda & Jan

    How much practise do you do each day?

  • George

    Hi Anton, What do you think would a be good dance to dance on the moon (about 1/6 of earths gravity)?

  • Maisie and Ellen also asked this too

    Hi Anton it’s Maisie. Do you teach George and Henrietta to dance? (We hope they liked the Mickey and Minnie towels Kelsey made them for Christmas) xx

  • Amy W

    My daughter Emily is 9 and has a really passion for dance. What’s the best piece of advice you can give to a young dancer?

  • Karen

    What keeps you so upbeat and motivated to keep dancing? We love your energy and positive outlook esp in these times. Thank you

...And a plug for the Paso next Tuesday!