(Grouped by theme. Cut-off for submissions at 5pm.)

  • Dance-related… Julie Sears, Big Blue

    I taught my 1st beginners class (with my dance teacher in the hall) on Sunday, my question is:
    1) on a 1 hour beginners class would you be better to do full 1 hour of a singular ballroom dance or split into 2 ballroom dances x 30 minutes each or 30 minutes ballroom and 30 minutes Latin???
    2) Also the reverse turn feather finish on mens step foxtrot Uka teacher book says RF back, backing line of dance, footwork toe heel toe and that’s the bit im confused with.

    Thank you. Love Julie xx

  • Victoria

    Is there any rise and fall in the Foxtrot?

  • Sharron

    How did you and Erin start dancing together? xx

  • Roy & Barbs

    Anton – would you ever consider filming and releasing a DVD of one of your & Erin’s Tours?

  • Emily

    Excited to see auditions happening for Him and Me. Can’t wait to see the show. When you are putting together a cast for a show, what do you look for in your dancers?

  • Wendy Bryant

    Does it make performing any easier and does it help or hinder having familiar faces in the audience ?

  • Strictly-related… Jess

    What was your favourite year in Strictly? By Jess aged 10 (your biggest fan)

  • Amy

    Hiya Anton! My question is, what is your favourite number you have ever performed on strictly with a celebrity?
    Personally I think my favourite has to be your Viennese waltz with Katie Derham!

  • Lynn (Luppy)

    What do the non-dancers you teach find the hardest thing to pick up, and do you ever have to use markers on the floor with your Strictly partners?

  • Agata (Poland)

    Hi Anton! Here’s my question: recently you’ve mentioned on Good Morning Britain that you would like to dance with Ben Shephard in the upcoming series of Strictly – if that was indeed the case and you were partnered with a male celebrity this time, how would you approach the process of teaching him the steps and choreographing for a male/male dance couple?
    All the best, Agata

  • Amber

    Snog, marry, avoid — Craig, Shirley and Bruno?

  • Book/CD-related… Louise

    Having such a busy schedule what with being on packed lunch, your tour with Giovanni, strictly etc when do you find time to write your books and what inspired you?

  • Lauren

    Are you going to release your upcoming album on CD only, or will you consider releasing it on vinyl too? Records are coming back into fashion you know! Xx

  • TV-related… Michelle

    1) I loved you in hole in the wall, would you consider presenting more game shows in the future?
    2) If you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?
    3) Can you speak any Spanish?

  • Sandie

    I think you would be a great talk show host. Is that something you’d be interested in?

  • General… Ellen

    Hey Anton, Is it true you use to play football at a high level? And that you use to be a boxer?

  • Sandra

    Where is the most exciting place you have been in the world and where would you like to go off your bucket list?

  • Lin Dew

    Hi Anton! Apart from having your children, what do you feel is your greatest achievement?
    Love Lin. x

  • Maxine

    Dear Anton, I have a couple of questions that I hope you will answer.
    1. I’ve noticed that you don’t wear a Wedding Ring. Is that because you don’t want it getting snagged on Ladies Dresses, when Dancing?
    2. You are going on Tour with, Giovanni. Can you please ask him, what Aftershave he wears, because he wouldn’t reveal it.
    3. What Aftershave do you wear? Will the Anton du Beke Eau de Cologne be on sale soon?
    Thank You.

  • Sylvie

    What is the stupidest thing you’ve done because someone dared you to?

  • Food-related… Benita

    What is your food heaven and your food hell?

  • AJ & BB

    Baking related – hope it’s allowed! I have to make a carrot cake for a friend (ordered last February) but can’t decide between:
    • Plain Buttercream
    • Orange Buttercream
    • Plain Fondant, or
    • Orange Marshmallow Fondant
    …Can’t make my mind up … what would you suggest, please???

  • Gillian

    Bad news – you’re on death row. Time to pick your final meal. I know you’re flash, but no 12 course tasting menu to forestall the inevitable in McShane’s Britain – you get a starter, main and dessert of your choice – and my God have mercy on your soul.
    Gillian X

...And a reminder for Tuesday — Rumba!