(Grouped by theme. Cut-off for submissions at 5pm for 6:30pm zoom.)

  • Dance-related… Deborah

    In the Cha Cha Cha, how quick are the turns and how can improve on them? They are getting better but I feel that if I don’t get the turn right then I lose my steps.
    Deborah xx

  • Ann

    Hi Anton,
    Would you like to have a new dance move named after you such as the Du Beke Bend or the Anton Amble and if so can you show us it please.

  • Alan (the plank!)

    Is it difficult to teach students American Smooth?

  • Victoria

    1. If you could choose any celebrity to dance with who would you like to choose?
    2. Who inspired you to become a dancer?

  • Michelle O’Shea

    What is your favourite song to dance to?

  • Sylvie

    I read somewhere that your dream was to perform with your children. Is this a song or dancing or a bit of both. Can you elaborate what you are thinking of?

  • Strictly-related… Louise

    Hi Anton. On strictly who chooses the dances and music you dance to with your partner?

  • Emma

    For the next series of Strictly, suppose the “Couple’s Choice” was to replaced by two Basic Steps routines (one latin one ballroom) at the quarter or semi final stage, and you were given the power to pick the two dances… Which would you pick, and why?

  • Fitness-related… Lynn (Luppy)

    Do you think that the skills you learn in dancing like, footwork, balance, spatial awareness help in other physical activities? A lot of sports-people on Strictly seem to benefit from dancing, and do you think it helps your golf, eg with balance and poise?

  • Roy & Barbs

    Anton, what approaches do you take to ensure you always stay strong and fit enough to perform?

  • Pam

    Q: Do you have any plans to do Fit @ 50 again?
    (#AskAnton is my ‘treat to me’ after 2 nights in my local emergency department.)

  • Tour-related… Michelle

    1. I can’t wait to give you a hug on tour, but what is the thing you’re most excited about when going back on the road? Any venues in particular you’re looking forward to performing in? Hopefully Shrewsbury is one of them haha.
    2. If you could be invisible for one day, what sort of mischief would you get up too and why?
    3. How many suits do you own?

  • Pauline & Sophie

    Hi Anton, When you visit a theatre / town you’ve never been to before, like Shrewsbury. Do you get to the theatre early, explore the area, have a pre-show coffee and cake whilst watching everyone buying their tickets?
    Thank You,
    From Pauline and Sophie Peake.

  • Amy

    Hi Anton, I’m intrigued to know What is your favourite thing about being on tour? The costumes? The performances? The meeting fans? Or something different? 🙂

  • Wendy Bryant

    Once the music has been chosen and Choreography is decided for numbers in the tour how do you choose the outfits to wear … what do you consider in the designs, for example practicality and visual effect?

    I know from past shows that Erin’s dresses are from DSI which I am sure takes to a good chunk of the budget … I wonder where your outfits are from and how much input to you get?

  • Clare M

    Hi Anton,
    How do your dancer auditions work? Do you and Giovanni make the final decision or are others involved?

  • Performing-related… Maeve

    Hi Anton, I have actually named my puppy after you, he is called Anton DuBark and fits the name very well! So my question is animal related, they say in show business “never work with children or animals” – have you ever performed with animals before?

  • Ellen

    Hi Anton,
    How’s the singing lesson going? Have you progressed with any new songs?… If so could you give us a taster?
    Sending lots of love from Ellen

  • Sarah

    Hi Anton,
    What is your favourite stage musical? Is there a musical you would like to star in?
    Thanks Sarah x

  • Kate

    Do you play – or would you like to learn – any musical instrument?

  • Book-related… Lin Dew

    Hi Anton. Obviously good news that you’ve written your fourth book. I know I can pre-order, but can I pre-order a signed copy as my other 3 are also signed. x

  • More General / Obscure… Lola

    What’s your favourite tipple to relax with at night?

  • Deirdre

    Do you ever wear a tracksuit?

  • Agata

    Hi Anton! Since I got my first tattoo this week I would like to ask you if you’ve ever considered getting a tattoo done yourself – and if so, what would it be and where would you have it?
    All the best, Agata xx

  • Wrapping-up… Maxine

    Hi Anton – If there was just one thing you would change about yourself what would it be and why? AND if there was one thing that Hannah would change about you what would it be any why?…..
    Much Love xxx

  • Gillian

    You’ve survived a death sentence and the end of the world in previous ‘Ask Anton’ zooms (sorry, not sorry 😈) – some might say you have the luck of the devil, but do you believe in luck and what would you say has been the luckiest moment of your career/life?

    And… I had to buy a new car this week. As someone who covers a lot of miles, what would your dream car be?
    Gillian x

  • AJ & BB

    Assuming a “God” exists … What would you like to hear him say as you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

...And a reminder for Tuesday — Waltz?